1 month before the fight, crazy images from Benoît St-Denis’ prep school! (video)

Par Pierre-Andréa Fraile | Sports journalist

Before facing the most formidable opponent of his career in the person of Dustin Poirier, Benoît Saint-Denis does not skimp on resources during his training. The latest video showing him in the middle of a session shocked the web.

Within a month, he could very well appear in the Top 5 of the toughest category in the UFC. This shows the importance of the fight that Benoît Saint-Denis is preparing to fight. Opposed to Dustin Poirier on March 9, the Frenchman knows that he could make a giant leap in the ranking of the lightweight division in the event of victory. As such, there is no question of him approaching this duel as a dilettante.

Benoît Saint-Denis still amazes Internet users

Despite the adventures of recent weeks and the specter of cancellation which hovered for a time, the clash between Poirier and Saint-Denis should indeed take place. The tricolor warrior therefore continues his preparation in order to arrive ready in the cage of the Kaseya Center. New images of his shadow work have just been shared by D Sports Content and relayed by The Coliseum :

Unsurprisingly, BSD devotes a good part of his time to muscle strengthening, particularly in his neck. A way for him to better absorb any blows to the face that he could receive from his opponent and to avoid a hypothetical KO. He has also shown so far that this type of exercise bears fruit, since he has never been sent to the mat in his career.

That said, this well-targeted training can seem quite crazy to the general public. Many American fans were shocked when they discovered it recently, while a US media outlet was quick to warn Poirier in the process. Nîmes fans know that this exercise is an integral part of their favorite’s sessions, who proves capable of supporting large loads with his neck:

In order to withstand the devastating blows that can be sent into the UFC cage, Benoît Saint-Denis resorts to unusual exercises. Let’s hope that these will allow him to achieve another victory on March 9.

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