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Oysters: a champion in Perpignan!

#SEVEN – This Sunday, September 24, the regional championship for the best shucker took place. The objective: to open as many oysters as possible in as little time as possible. And it was Perpignanais Adrien Boniface, from Maison Boniface coquillages, who won the title by opening four dozen oysters in 5 minutes. He has been opening oysters since he was very young and opened a street food stand in the market halls of Toulouse. “Shucking is a culture, a know-how that we defend by telling the public that oysters are not just for Christmas,” explains the 2023 regional champion.

Today’s figure: 6.8

#MONTPELLIER – This is the score out of 20 that the city of Montpellier obtained in the 2023 walkable cities barometer. In 2021, it had an 8 which was a “moderately favorable” score. This national survey on the feelings of pedestrians shows that they find that safety, comfort and amenities have declined in Montpellier since 2021. It is in particular the amenities which have fallen from 10.2 to 7.7. 53% of 694 respondents find it “unpleasant” to walk in Montpellier.

Catholic Relief on the roads of Rhône Gard

#SOLIDARITY – From the start of 2024, Secours catholique will travel the roads of the Rhone Gard aboard a van. Volunteers from the Bagnolese branch of the charity. “Through this traveling solidarity shop, our objective is to reach isolated people who are having difficulties and to guide them,” explains Angelina Lucazeau, coordinator of Catholic relief in the Rhône valley. The idea sprouted in the heads of volunteers from Bagnols-sur-Cèze during confinement. “People had transport and mobility problems in the city,” remembers the host. Today, Secours catholique volunteers have already convinced four mayors of the Bagnolaise metropolitan area to welcome the traveling store. If convincing more elected officials is one of the conditions for the success of the project, we must also find volunteers and patrons. Secours catholique is also organizing a presentation meeting on September 30 at its premises in Bagnols-sur-Cèze.

Plane wreckage evacuated from the slopes of Canigou

#PYRENEES-ORIENTALES – This weekend, Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24, around forty volunteers removed from the mountain the remains of the DC3 which had crashed on the slopes of Barbet, in the Canigou massif, in 1961. It took nearly three hours for around ten people to move the largest piece of carcass, planted at an altitude of 2000 meters for 62 years. On October 7, 1961, the plane linking London to Perpignan crashed with 34 people on board (31 passengers, pilot, co-pilot and flight attendant) killed in the tragedy. Among the first rescuers on the day of the crash, Jean-Pierre Bobo (82 years old) was keen to be present for this project and to lend a helping hand.

Fatal scooter accident: three people in police custody

#NIMES – On the night of Friday September 22 to Saturday September 23, on the road from Avignon to Nîmes, a woman, in her forties, was hit by a vehicle which had fled. Seriously injured, this woman, aged 41, employee of the SNCF, who, according to the first elements of the investigation was returning or going to her work, could not be resuscitated by the emergency services, despite an hour of cardiac massage. The police had implemented significant measures to find the occupant(s) of the vehicle which was traveling at very high speed that evening. Investigators from the Nîmes police station finally traced three people, who were taken into custody on Saturday September 23, at the end of the day.

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