A scam recommended to the XV of France, Boudjellal lets go

While the group stage of the World Cup is not yet over, we could well be heading towards a quarter-final between the XV of France and South Africa. An exceptional poster which nevertheless worries several observers. This is particularly the case of Mourad Boudjellal who is wary of the Springboks. However, the former RCT does not want to see the XV of France do some shenanigans to avoid South Africa and finally find themselves facing Ireland.

This is not yet 100% implemented, but while the XV of France could finish in first place in his group, theSouth Africa would be heading for second place in their group. Therefore, such a scenario would cause players to Fabien Galthié would face the Springboksreigning world champions, in the quarter-finals of the Rugby World Cup.

Boudjellal fears the match against South Africa

And this poster announced between XV of France and theSouth Africa already shaking Mourad Boudjellal. Pour Eurosporthe explained : ” I think this is bad news. First of all, this match (against Ireland) must be won by South Africa because if they have a scorer, they win the match. The South Africans showed that they were strong and taking down the South Africans, upset because they were hit by the Irish, is not a gift. And what’s more, it is said that they could find Pollard, who can be a good scorer. He’s all white or all black, either he passes everything or he passes nothing ».

“We have to beat Italy and beat the curse we have of injured people”

Wouldn’t it then be better to avoid theSouth Africa ? By bowing to theItaly while winning the defensive bonus point, the XV of France could then finish in second place in their group, synonymous with the quarter-final againstIreland. A scam that is not really to the taste of Mourad Boudjellalwho then blurted out: “ And the Irish, we lost against Italy on purpose, to meet you because you are pipes. They will appreciate it. Well no… And then how do you calculate a defensive bonus point. It’s going to be complicated. We have to beat Italy and beat the curse that we have with injuries. We have a lot of injuries, it needs to stop a little ».

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