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UFC Sean O'Malley et Dana White

UFC (DR) / The Ultimate Fighter (DR)

Victorious at UFC 292 and new bantamweight champion, Sean O’Malley is on his way to becoming the new darling of the MMA federation. However, this would not at all displease President Dana White… A very big name thus revealed the behavior of the boss after his coronation.

We can say it, 2023 was the year of change for the UFC. Many divisions have changed champions, even several times in just a few months, such as at middleweight. After regaining his belt against Alex Pereira, Izzy Adesanya lost it again after his defeat against Sean Strickland at UFC 293. A month earlier, it was Sean O’Malley who shocked everyone .

While facing a bantamweight legend in Aljamain Sterling, the American won by knockout and became the youngest active UFC champion. A most surprising victory but which also allowed “Suga” to take responsibility for his incendiary speech before UFC 292, he who was convinced of winning. Provocative and a fan of shock outings, he is very reminiscent of Conor McGregor.

Dana White happy to see Sean O’Malley beat Aljamain Sterling?

However, the Notorious has brought monstrous publicity to the UFC over the years and allowed it to gain immense popularity during the 2010 decade. Seeing O’Malley follow the same route as the Irishman would therefore certainly not be to displease the president of the federation, namely Dana White. As Sterling explained on the show MMA Hourthe businessman was particularly perky after the fight:

Aljamain Sterling : He came to see me, I don’t really know what was going through his mind. But I know he was really happy. How could he not be? The goose that laid the golden eggs won in a fight that I hate to say because it feels like I’m discrediting the guy. But that’s where they say eight or nine times out of ten I win, right? So, one time out of ten, or two times out of ten, it happens and it happened.

Given the words of the UFC boss for O’Malley after his coronation, it’s hard not to believe the Funk Master’s words. White knows very well, he has a real gem with the Montana native and if he manages to keep his champion belt, the latter could become a new standard bearer for the federation. Especially since he is grumpy about losing, Sterling recognizes that the victory was deserved:

Aljamain Sterling : At the end of the day. It was up to me to stick to the plan of attack, and the one mistake I knew I shouldn’t make in studying his fights, I literally handed it to the guy on a silver platter …Dana didn’t really say much to me. I don’t really know what he said to me. It was nothing important.

With Sean Strickland and Sean O’Malley, the UFC was entitled to two new sulphurous champions in the space of a few weeks. The second in particular would clearly be favored by Dana White, to the great dismay of his bantamweight competitors. For him, the show and the profits take precedence over the rest.

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