After his incendiary statement, the first viral images of Draymond Green and Chris Paul!

Former enemies, Draymond Green and Chris Paul will have to learn to live in the same locker room this season. Now teammates at the Warriors, the two men have just been seen in training, which did not fail to provoke a reaction.

Without his bloodshed last year, his franchise would perhaps not have been as active on the summer market. Draymond Green can indeed be considered one of the reasons behind the recent exchange between Jordan Poole and Chris Paul. But while his relationship with the young full-back appears to be broken for good, that with his new partner has not started off well.

Draymond Green and Chris Paul’s workout is creating buzz

No stranger to clashes on the field, Green displays a certain liability in this area with Chris Paul. He did not try to hide it recently when speaking on Point God, which he openly admits to having hated. A funny way to welcome the latter to Golden State. However, this did not prevent the two men from meeting up in recent hours to carry out joint training:

Two successful series of 3-point shots, a few checks here and there as well as brief words exchanged… That’s what this first video of the two new teammates can be summed up. Regardless, their approach to preparing for the season side by side is intended to be quite exciting for Warriors fans. Despite everything, some Internet users expect to see Draymond quickly fall back into his ways:

They will struggle after only 10 games into the season

Glad CP3 survived the workout

While Chris Paul and Draymond Green are already trying to create a certain understanding, the tendency from the inside to take out their nerves on their teammates remains engraved in people’s minds. Let’s see if he will manage to remain irreproachable with his former great rival!

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