Ahead of new NBA season, Wembanyama doesn’t feel pressure

Victor Wembanyama, the new San Antonio Spurs player, who will make his NBA debut on October 25 against the Dallas Mavericks, presented himself Monday to the French press on the sidelines of the preview of the Canal+ documentary “UN1QUE” about him being consecrated. Despite his number one status in the last draft, the former Mets 92 interior assured that he felt “no pressure” as the start of the 2023-24 NBA season approaches.

It is from San Antonio that Victor Wembanyama appeared by videoconference in front of the media this Monday evening to answer a few questions. For the first time since the Summer League, the Frenchman agreed to play the game and returned to many subjects, notably on his integration into his new country and the way in which he manages the excitement around him.

Wemby is pressure-tight

Welcomed like a rockstar in Texas, celebrated by the inhabitants of San Antonio in all the city’s bars on lottery night, Victor Wembanyama might have become frightened. Nay! The Alien don’t feel the pressure: “ I wouldn’t talk about pressure. Even less in recent months, because, even though I am in the United States, I make very few appearances and almost no media intervention. It’s been very quiet for several months. From my point of view, there is no pressure actually. These are simply stages that are part of the life of a basketball player and when you have such high goals, it’s normal that there are expectations, interviews, questions, intrusive people… But, in my opinion point of view, there is no pressure. » he said.

“It does a lot of good”

Although he does not feel the weight of the expectations of fans and observers, Victor Wembanyama still took a step back by cutting himself off from the media for many weeks. Proof that despite everything, the French phenomenon felt oppressed: “ Of course, it was the first time in my life that I really felt mental, moral fatigue. All these events were nothing negative, but when I took my vacation after Summer League, it was a necessity. I took the time to isolate myself, this is the first time I have spoken in the media in 2-3 months. It does a lot of good. ” From now on, Wemby will no longer be able to hide. The NBA season is fast approaching.

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