Airport security worker filmed swallowing stolen tickets from traveler

On September 8, 2023, at Manila International Airport in the Philippines, a traveler reported $300 missing from his wallet after a security check. The video surveillance images are viewed and are surprising.

Surprising images. On September 8, at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila in the Philippines, a Chinese passenger passed through security checks. After his bag was inspected, he discovered that his wallet had been opened and reported the disappearance of 300 dollars.

A filmed flight

In order to clarify the situation, video surveillance images were viewed. These showed an airport security official putting notes that could look like dollars into her mouth. She was then charged.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) said the security guard allegedly “turned away suspiciously while she was holding something in her left hand, with the first hand tightly closed” when the traveler’s bag was taken. was searched, indicates the British news site Unilad.

On the recordings of the video surveillance cameras, we can clearly see the security manager “deliberately swallowing dollar bills, folded into one small piece,” the MIAA said. As the tickets were difficult to pass through, the airport employee helped herself with water to make the flight easier.

An open investigation

Following the report and the facts with which the security agent is accused, the OTS (Office of Transportation Security) however clarified to CNN on September 18 that after validation of the information, an investigation had been opened.

The security manager and his supervisor were suspended by the MIAA, but the OTS employee accused of the theft was not arrested. And for good reason, the latter was not caught stealing the money, and the Chinese traveler refused to file a complaint, specifies the British media.

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