“An extraordinary player”, Mourad Boudjellal ignites

Mourad Boudjellal continues to be talked about. Recently, the former president of the RCT attacked Antoine Dupont, which did not fail to provoke a reaction. The native of Ollioules returned to this episode, half-heartedly regretting his comments and conceding that the captain of the XV of France was “an extraordinary player”.

Mourad Boudjellal is not in the habit of being lazy when something is tormenting him. Antoine Dupont recently paid the price. “ Antoine Dupont, we see him in magazines, we see him everywhere. He met Zidane, Henry, everyone, but on the pitch, he no longer meets the ball. I find that Antoine Dupont, since he was publicized, is no longer Antoine Dupont with a “t”, it is Antoine Dupont with a “d” as in Tintin. This is no longer the real Antoine Dupont. So there you go, you’re going to forget the magazines and we’re going back to the turbine “, declared the former president of RCT in his column Mourad of Toulon on Eurosport. He nonetheless remains a fan of the player.

“He’s an exceptional player, the best in the world”

For the Olympic Midi, Mourad Boujellal returned to his remarks made againstAntoine Dupont. « First of all, “Mourad de Toulon” is a humorous column in which I allow myself to tell some truths. Well, especially mine. I have absolutely nothing against Antoine Dupont, on the contrary. He is an exceptional player, the best in the world and there is no doubt. If I came to make this statement, it was not Antoine Dupont who was targeted. These are all the people who decided to make him a star. Everyone who puts it on bus shelters, on the front page of magazines “, he confided. Despite everything, he regrets the media treatment that he received Dupont during the last world Cup.

“We did too much on him during the World Cup”

« I think we made too much of him during the World Cup. Just like we did too much on other players. A World Cup is won with hardworking people, guys who work hard. In my opinion, Antoine Dupont pays here for the fact that French rugby needed stars “, added Mourad Boudjellal.

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