An “insider” was paid by OL in 2022

David Barbet on the set of Téléfoot l’After / capture.

Accused by many supporters of being used by Jean-Michel Aulas on Twitter (now X), David Barbet, a host for various Belgian media and an OL fan, received money in 2022 from the club Rhone.

Exclusive – Who is speaking? What purpose ? The editorial staff of Olympique-et-Lyonnais has been investigating the role of David for many months Barbet. This young man who collaborates for various Belgian media including RTBF has always been accused of being the unofficial spokesperson for Jean-Michel Classes. The opportunity for the former president of the club (36 years of reign) to have in his pay an “influencer” with the aim of countering the “enemies” of the Institution on Twitter (X). However, what everyone didn’t know until now is that David Barbet was paid by OL Groupe. As part of a three-month mission in 2022, this OL fan was tasked with defining OL’s video content strategy, but also, and this is where his role comes into play, to ensure monitoring on Twitter on all subjects concerning OL Groupe and Jean-Michel Classes.

JMA alerted by its teams

A decision which would have been taken unilaterally by the former president of Olympique Lyonnais and would have been imposed on his teams. According to our information, close collaborators of Jean-Michel Classes had regularly opposed the use of influencers, including David Barbet, without the public being informed. “The string was particularly thick and counterproductive, no one is fooled by this type of process”tells us a former close friend of JMA.

4000 euros excluding tax per month

Thus, without knowing it, for at least three months, many supporters received directed information, even reprimands dictated by the presidency of the time from a person claiming to be an OL supporter. To do this, according to our sources, David Barbet received 4,000 euros excluding tax per month, or 12,000 euros excluding tax. Still according to our information, in spring 2023, the hypothesis of calling on David Barbet again in a more in-depth manner would have been mentioned by Jean-Michel Classes. His ouster by John Weaver early May would have put an end to that idea.

Barbet continues negative tweets about OL and Textor

Contacted, the television and radio host refused to answer our questions. “I don’t prefer to intervene and be in the quotes”, he simply informed us. It would have been interesting to understand his exact role and his current relationship with Jean-Michel Classes. Since John took power weaver David Barbet continues negative tweets about his favorite club and its new American president. To what end?

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