Announced at PSG, he lets loose on his transfer window

Pushed towards the exit at Chelsea, Romelu Lukaku was long mentioned on the side of Paris Saint-Germain during the last transfer window. The Belgian international ultimately never arrived, since PSG bet on other avenues and decided to join José Mourinho’s AS Roma in Serie A.

The search for a top striker has been one of the obsessions of the PSG during the last transfer window. So, Luis Campos did not recruit one but two with Gonçalo Ramos the position specialist and Randal Colonel, with a versatile profile. But he seems to have missed some clues, like Marcus Thuram who preferred to join theInter.

PSG did not take advantage of the Lukaku opportunity

Romelu Lukaku also seems to have been one of the profiles studied by the PSG this summer. It must be said that the Belgian found himself in an impasse with theInter who no longer wanted him, Juventus who failed him and Chelsea who absolutely wanted to get rid of it.

“One call was enough to convince me”

It is finally towards theAS Roma that he headed and during an interview with the official Serie A channel, he explained why. “ One call was enough to convince me » assured Romelu Lukaku. « The Roma managers called me only a few days before the deal, we spoke for around thirty minutes. They told me about the ambition of this club and from there, everything happened very quickly ».

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