Antoine Dupont, a scandal in sight?

Victim of a maxillo-zygomatic fracture and facial surgery, Antoine Dupont nevertheless plans to play the quarter-final. Even if it means playing with your health…

Hope has returned to the French camp. Friday, the day after the terrible injury suffered by Antoine Dupont against Namibia following a high tackle by Johan Deysel, it seemed unimaginable to see the Toulouse scrum half play in the quarter-final, scheduled for the weekend of the 14 and October 15. At best, his return was hoped for the semi-final and for many specialists, his World Cup was even over.

Operated on Friday evening at the Toulouse hospital, Antoine Dupont does not hear it that way. The French captain not only intends to play in the possible semi-final but intends to lead the French XV into the quarter-finals, in three weeks. Despite the two plates placed by the Professor, the bone will probably not be completely consolidated. Enough to put the native of Lannemezan at risk. And for Olivier Magne, the risk is too big even if it is a World Cup semi-final.

“Preserving the physical integrity of athletes must be an absolute priority. The possible return of Antoine Dupont to competition disturbs and worries me. A man’s health is priceless, whatever the stakes of the competition,” thus wrote the former third line of the XV of France, fearing for the physical integrity of the Toulouse player. Olivier Magne is not the only one to worry about the health of the Blues star. “There would be a risk of further injury during the match. The accepted healing time, when it is a simple crack, is between ten and fifteen days, when there is a displacement, it is six weeks because there is surgical intervention with the installation of plates. The one who operated on it holds the key to knowing how long it should heal.”said the former president of the LNR medical commission, Bernard Dusfour, on RMC.

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