Antoine Dupont: This nightmare that still haunts him

This Sunday, at 4 p.m., Stade Toulousain of Antoine Dupont and company faces Exeter in the quarter-final of the Champions Cup. An important meeting for the current second in the Top 14 in the quest for a new European coronation. It must be said that Toulouse remains a failure in the Champions Cup last season with a slap received against Leinster. A setback which has still not been digested by Dupont and his teammates.

In the same way as the Top 14win the Champions Cup is a goal this season for the Toulouse Stadium. To succeed, Antoine Dupont and his teammates will have to get rid of this SundayExeter. A success in the quarter-final which will then open the doors to the last four. It is also at this stage of the competition that Toulouse lost last season. And the defeat was then quite severe. In 2023, it was Leinster which had seriously brought down the French club. A setback (41-22) still in the minds of Toulouse.

“This semi-final, we all have it in our way”

At the dawn of facing Exeterthe Toulouse Stadium still hasn’t forgotten what happened against the Leinster last season. This is particularly the case for Antoine Dupont who explained at a press conference: “ Last year, this semi-final, we all had it in our way. When we think back to the scenario, the state of form and the squad we had, it’s always a lot of disappointment to stop too early in this competition. Like the Exeter match of 2020, we must manage to emerge from it grown and that in these deadlines, in the moments that count, we must be more efficient, more consistent and precise, to not no longer lose this kind of match ».

“It’s a different team that we know less about”

But now it’s time to Exeter for the Toulouse Stadium. About this opponent, Antoine Dupont told : ” It’s a different team that we know less about, but which has its biases, we saw it in particular on their defense which is very dense, which puts a lot of intensity and which, once it is in our camp, is very difficult to prevent from scoring. This is what has characterized them for several seasons now. We’re going to have to adapt to that.”.

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