Australian Open: Djokovic struggles, he can’t believe it

This Sunday, Novak Djokovic entered the fray at the Australian Open. Opposed to the Croatian player. Dino Prizmic, 18 years old, the Serb was pushed to his limits at times, notably during the second set, won by the Croatian. In the end, the master of the place comes out (6-2, 6-7, 6-3, 6-4) and qualifies for the next round and wanted to pay tribute to his opponent of the evening.

The name of Dino Prizmic is to be remembered. Was it the poster that pushed him to transcend himself? Present for the first time in his career on Melbourne’s center court, the young Prismatic, 18 years old, also faced the 1st world. Winner of a set, tie-break please, against someone who practically never loses, he has never given up and Novak Djokovic needed 6 match points to finish the job in 4h01.

“He showed such maturity and confidence on the court”

After the meeting, Novak Djokovic wanted to pay tribute to Dino Prizmic, in comments reported by Eurosport: “ I had an extraordinary opponent tonight. For an 18-year-old, he showed such maturity and confidence on court, fighting hard, not giving up even when down 4-0 in the fourth set. I was impressed by his mentality, his approach, his game. I hear a lot of positive stories about his discipline, his dedication to the daily routines that make him so physically strong at 18 years old and so successful. Yes, if he continues like this, it is certain that he will have a very good career ahead of him. »

“Congratulations to him, it was impressive”

We Love Tennis reports other, equally laudatory comments: “I heard he liked to watch me when he was little. I mean he has incredible defense, especially on the backhand side. He has a very complete game. Of course, he can improve every shot of the game. For an 18-year-old, I think what impresses me the most is his physique. His legs are so strong and strong. And also by his mentality. He showed up on the court not wanting to play a good set or enjoy the experience, but rather wanting to win. Bravo to him. It was impressive. »

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