Basketball – 2024 Olympics: The boss of the French team calls for a revolution

One year before the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the French basketball team is worried. Vincent Collet’s men were eliminated in the group stage of the last World Cup, a failure which, for Nicolas Batum, must lead to big changes. For the captain of the Blues, no one should be assured of having their place in the group, with the exception of Victor Wembanyama.

« Succeeding in the Olympics would be a great story. And there will be no goal other than gold. » In an interview given to The Team recently, Victor Wembanyama spoke about the Paris 2024 Olympic Games which awaitFrench team. Unlike the last World Cup, the new player of the Spurs will be present: “ I will of course be at the Olympics. » A competition which will arrive a year after a very disappointing World Cup on the part of the Blueseliminated from the group stage.

“Everyone has to compete now”

Pour Nicolas Batumthis must mark the end of privileges and everyone must start again on an equal footing to obtain their place in French team, even him. “ If I go to the Olympics. Because everyone has to compete now. The 12 (members of the roster, editor’s note) are finished. For me it’s something… it’s over, we have to stop with this. Me-this, me-that… It’s me who’s speaking, because I’ve been there. But we are at a very dangerous turn. There was a TP generation (Tony Parker, editor’s note), me, Nando (De Colo), you see, it followed up to Evan (Fournier)… and here we arrive at something very dangerous, I I have the impression. And I think we need to rethink everything. This is what we did in 2009 “, he declared, in an interview given to First Team.

“If it turns out it will be without Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier, who knows?”

« Come on, let’s put everyone in competition. Come on, let’s all play together. Come on, let’s all get into each other’s faces and see for the moment, we’re not talking about now, we’re talking in 10, 11 months, who will be the 12 best to form the best possible French team. And it turns out, it will be without me. If it turns out it will be without Rudy Gobert and Evan Fournier, who knows? Even without Nando (De Colo), we cannot predict “, added Nicolas Batum. A player could still be in the group no matter what: “ Afterwards, there are players who are more likely to be in it. Victor (Wembanyama) he has a 99.9% chance of finishing in and I hope too. »

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