Before the Cédric Doumbé fight, Baki releases his cash prediction: “It will be…

PFL Cédric Doumbé and Baki

Cédric Doumbé (DR) / Solid Mike (DR)

Expected for many weeks, Cédric Doumbé’s debut at the PFL is only a matter of days. Opposed to Jordan Zébo, the former kickboxer saw one of his other designated rivals, Baysangur Chamsoudinov, speak out about this fight.

For some, no matter his success in the prestigious American federation, his refusal to join the UFC will always stick in their throats. For other MMA fans, Cédric Doumbé’s first steps in the PFL cage represent an unmissable event. So, after months spent in the minor leagues, the Frenchman is finally preparing to enter the big leagues.

Organized in a symbolic way in Paris, this will take place against a compatriot, namely Jordan Zébo. A perfect context for Doumced to put his long-standing dispute with Fernand Lopez, coach of his future opponent, back on the table. However, according to the latter’s words, it is not Zébo, but rather a certain “Baki” that the former Glory champion could have faced in the octagon on this occasion.

Baki’s honest opinion on the Doumbé vs Zébo clash

Another rising star of French MMA, Baysangur Chamsoudinov has long been a dream opponent for Doumbé in the minds of many observers. However, he will be content with a simple spectator role this Saturday. Asked about this fight by MMA Strike (interview to be found in full here), the 22-year-old prodigy also refused to offer any prediction:

I’m going to have a hard time giving a prediction for this fight. I think both have their chances. On the one hand, we have Jordan Zébo who is young, who is hungry and who I believe is on a series of 3 victories at ARES. He will face Cédric Doumbé who no longer needs any introduction in the world of kickboxing and who made his debut in MMA. There, it seems to me that the two are at 4-0.

On one side, we have an elite striker and on the other, a fighter who is rather complete. We’ll see what happens but once again, it’s going to be difficult to give a prediction because Jordan Zébo is someone I like, so it would be a lie to favor one of the two fighters. In any case, for me, it will be a great fight and I think we will have a lot of fun that evening.

For fear of lacking impartiality, Baki therefore prefers not to get involved, except by announcing a nice show at the Zénith de Paris – La Villette. For his part, he will fight on November 17 at ARES for the welterweight belt. Which suggests, in the event of victory, a potential future flight towards international promotion, and why not the PFL, where he could then compete against “The Best”!

Training partner of Jordan Zébo at the MMA Factory, Baysangur Chamsoudinov therefore fears favoring him in a possible prognosis. Instead, he is planning a great battle during PFL Paris, where Cédric Doumbé will want to send a big message!

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