Before the restart, Rudy Gobert creates buzz in the US via a viral post!

After a first season winded in Minnesota and a struggling World Cup, Rudy Gobert is losing confidence. However, the Frenchman will arrive in October with the knife between his teeth and has recently sparked a lot of comments on the web…

Lately, Rudy Gobert has lost his splendor. The Frenchman is coming out of a few complicated months with the Timberwolves and the French team but has not lost his appetite. The boss of his franchise has recently been rave about him and a huge debate has just been launched on social networks concerning him. Suffice to say that he still arouses just as much interest in the NBA:

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this player?

The web is on fire regarding Rudy Gobert!

Despite his recent struggles, Rudy Gobert remains one of the most impressive players in the league defensively. His achievements in the field command respect and contrary to what one might think, observers have not forgotten them. In response to this question posed by the influential account LegionHoopsthey therefore wanted to pay a beautiful tribute to the former Jazz player and shower him with praise:

A Hall of Famer who is still in his prime.

One of the most underrated and despised players of this era. He’s a three-time Defender of the Year but y’all talk about him like he’s Javale McGee ??‍♂️

Three times DPOY and still underrated? It’s time we give this defensive juggernaut the recognition he deserves.

Rest assured, Rudy Gobert is still popular in the United States! Often tackled by the followers, the Frenchman nevertheless maintains good credibility with the latters. Nothing better to start next season with full confidence.

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