Before the return of Cédric Doumbé, GregMMA cash: “He has so much…

French MMA fighters Cédric Doumbé (left) and Grégory Bouchelaghem, known as GregMMA (right)

@MrDoumced (DR) / @karatebushido (DR)

While it has been several months since we last saw him in action following an injury, Cédric Doumbé will make his comeback to PFL Paris. A fight that will be followed in particular by GregMMA, with whom “The Best” has a rather tumultuous relationship. Asked about the former Glory, the veteran responded bluntly.

Signed by the PFL last May, he should have made his debut there the following month. But due to a wrist injury, Cédric Doumbé had to undergo rehabilitation instead and postpone the deadline until later. It will finally be on September 30 that we will see him fight for the first time in the UFC competitor. And as a symbol, it is in France that the former kick-boxer will put on the mitts.

While Ciryl Gane, Manon Fiorot and other Benoît Saint-Denis all pocketed a victory at UFC Paris at the beginning of the month, “Doumced” wants to do the same during the event organized by his federation in the capital city. Facing him, we find another Habs with Jordan Zebo, coached by Fernand Lopez… whom the Glory legend does not hold in high esteem. As a result, he does not hesitate to trash his opponent.

GregMMA undecided before the Cédric Doumbé vs Jordan Zebo fight

In between very humiliating gifts and announcements of crazy things with the public, “The Best” does everything to destabilize Zebo and easily sees himself winning. Others, however, are more cautious, like Grégory Bouchelaghem alias GregMMA. Also at odds with Doumbé for some time, the veteran and YouTuber explained to Ilies Mkt that the outcome of the poster still remained unclear according to him:

GregMMA : It’s going to be tough. Honestly, if Jordan wins, it’s going to be a party. I was with my friends from Infinity (Brazilian jiu-jitsu team in France, editor’s note) earlier and they are like crazy, they prepare like crazy. Afterwards, Cédric is so good at boxing and he has progressed so much in wrestling and grappling… It’s 50-50. But I’m definitely going to watch it.

We know that seeing yourself as too good-looking can sometimes play a nasty trick on you and by being so resounding before the fight, Doumbé adds additional pressure. He has progressed a lot since he converted to MMA, but the slightest failure would earn him a pretty monumental blowback given his attitude. Especially since despite his own words, his opponent is not without qualities either.

Since we are talking about Zebo, he does not seem to be particularly disturbed by the provocations of “The Best”. Also known for his work with Ciryl Gane, Fernand Lopez is in any case full of praise for the person concerned:

Fernando Lopez : He has incredible maturity, he is able to put himself in a bubble.

Cédric Doumbé proclaims it loud and clear, he will emerge triumphant from PFL Paris in a few days. But others like GregMMA are not so sure, notably highlighting the talent of Jordan Zebo. In any case, the event is not to be missed under any circumstances after the trash-talking of the former kick-boxer!

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