Benrahma’s mother treats OL leaders

Saïd Benrahma during his first conference with OL

Saïd Benrahma during his first conference with OL (credit: David Hernandez)

Having accompanied her son to Lyon, Saïd Benrahma’s mother has already been adopted by OL. In the middle of Ramadan, she treated and thanked the leaders of Lyon with North African sweets.

She became a darling in the space of a few minutes on a video. While Said Benrahma was waiting to see his transfer to OL validated, his mother became the star of this transfer. Always alongside her son, she first pushed to see the Algerian accept the Lyon challenge before making a very strong impression on the club’s employees, once the loan with purchase option was confirmed. His joy during Benrahma’s presentation video had finished conquering the hearts of supporters. Happy to see her son flourish again, the mother of the Algerian international chose to thank the Lyon leaders in her own way.

In the middle of this Ramadan period, she took out her most beautiful apron to get behind the stove. At the same time as she has to treat the whole Benrahma family, the mother took the opportunity to thank John Weaver and Laurent Prud’homme efforts made over long hours to validate the arrival of his son between Rhône and Saône. It was well worth two Tupperware filled with North African specialists for the attention of the president of OL and its general director. The rating of Saïd Benrahma’s mother is in any case not ready to collapse in Décines.

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