Comma game: after the hospitalization of a student, an update on this dangerous practice which is spreading in playgrounds

Popularized on social networks like TikTok, the “comma game”, which has appeared in schoolyards for several weeks, has caused victims, going so far as to cause the hospitalization of a young girl.

In recent weeks, the comma has become a dangerous and viral “game” on social networks. The unhealthy practice is spreading within schools, colleges and high schools. It consists of slapping a student’s head several times, without warning. THE “comma game”as it was named, can cause serious injuries to victims, particularly to the neck.

The “comma game”, the new dangerous challenge on TikTok

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Severe sanctions planned

The practice caused the hospitalization of a young girl in the Var department, Thursday September 28, 2023. Students and parents of students at the establishment received an alarming message via the high school’s internal messaging system, reports The Parisian : “The high school learned of the hospitalization of a student following the “comma game”. It would seem that this challenge, particularly traumatic at the cervical level, is fashionable in the high school and neighboring colleges. Given the seriousness medical consequences, the sanctions against the perpetrators of this unacceptable action will be severe,” warned the management of the establishment.

Other cases reported

Other cases have also been reported in recent days. The alert came from the Angresse college, in the south of Landes, Friday September 15, 2023. The child was not injured but the report was taken seriously. Heads of Landes establishments have been called upon to be vigilant. In Morbihan, a 6th grade student was the victim of the “comma game” six times by five other students from the establishment, according to West France. The victim’s mother filed a complaint on Friday September 22 with the Guer gendarmerie against the four alleged attackers.

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