Controversy after the World Cup, Galthié’s partner lets go

Holder of a Master’s degree in international law, I realized at the end of my university career that it was important to evolve in a field that you appreciate. Overnight, I decided to put an end to my parents’ dream, who saw in me a future lawyer, to make a living from my passion: sport. Since then, I have covered transfer windows and sports news, trying to keep readers informed as best as possible.

After his team’s defeat in the quarter-final of the World Cup with South Africa, Fabien Galthié went to Normandy with his partner Helena Noguerra to enjoy a few days of vacation. Except that paparazzi were present at the scene and released photos of the naked couple. The Belgian actress expressed her indignation after the broadcast of these photos.

Helena Noguerra et Fabien Galthié thought they were alone in the world on their beach Normandie. This was not the case. Paparazzi took several photos of the couple with their simplest camera and sold the photos to a celebrity magazine, which did not hesitate to publish them. “ These photos were obtained without our consent. We were notified by third parties of the planned publication, and our lawyers immediately asked the newspaper Voici not to publish them » confided the lawyers of Galthié and Not war. But the newspaper refused to backpedal. A complaint has been filed.

Helena Noguerra comes out of silence

In a forum for Release, Not war came out of the silence. “I cannot resign myself to remaining in silence and in this state of astonishment in which the exposure of my anatomy (and that of my partner) on the cover of a celebrity magazine has provoked in me. Photos that were stolen when we were “alone in the world”, then published without our consent. It’s the ‘without consent’ that has resonated within me for five days. I had been trapped by this journal before but never naked. And this nudity exposed to everyone without my agreement bothers me a lot » declared the Belgian actress, who highlights the principle of consent in this matter.

She rants

« In a post #MeToo era, in an era where consent is finally a subject, I am surprised that this is not applied to this ‘scavenger’ press. And to continue: “I also hear: ‘They looked for it’, ‘It’s a public beach.’ Um… No, it’s them who looked for us, even tracked us down. Or again: ‘It’s freedom of the press.’ And mine, freedom from not wanting to be a permanent spectacle, are we talking about that? » she confided.

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