Crisis at OM: Marcelino gets charged

After the stormy meeting which took place Monday evening between representatives of the supporters groups and the management of OM, the future of Pablo Longoria like Marcelino is in question. The latter would have taken badly with the comments made against his president during this meeting, hence his desire to leave. For Eric Di Meco, this episode proves that he does not have the qualities required to coach Olympique de Marseille.

Arrived a little over two months agoABOUT, Marcelino surely didn’t think he would find himself in such a situation. Already weakened by the poverty of the game offered by the Olympians under his orders and the discontent of the supporters, the Spanish technician could already leave the club. As indicated by The Team et RMC Sport, Marcelino was shocked by the comments made against Pablo Longoria Monday, during a meeting between the management of theABOUT and representatives of supporters groups.

“You can’t be the OM coach!”

On the antennas of RMC, Eric Di Meco gave his opinion on this situation. According to the former playerABOUT, Marcelino can no longer be the coach of the club: “ If you run away at the first gust of wind, even if it is very strong and unexpected, you cannot be the OM coach! We were told that there was a foul-mouthed offense with Marcelino, who is too soft on the bench. Well tell me, this confirms what we think of you from the start when we look at you on the sidelines. »

“How can he be OM coach even if Longoria stays?”

Eric Di Meco believes that unlike Marcelino, Igor Tudor would have had a very different approach to this situation. “ The same thing with (Igor) Tudor last year, he steps up to the plate and says: “I’m staying here until the end”, I’ll tell you, I’ll sign it. (…) In my opinion, he (Marcelino) can no longer. How can he be OM coach even if Longoria stays? “, he added.

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