Crisis at OM, the Marcelino clan restarts everything

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OM is clearly a volcano that never stays dormant for very long. And he woke up that Tuesday with a bang. Indeed, Marcelino would have announced to his players his intention to resign. Pablo Longoria also reportedly intends to leave. But while the crisis brews in Marseille, someone close to the Spanish coach assures that he has no plans to leave. For now.

The start of the seasonABOUT is far from meeting the expectations raised by the summer transfer window during which the Marseille club turned its squad upside down. And for good reason, after the elimination against the Panathinaïkos from the Champions League play-off, the Marseillais continued with several disappointing performances in Ligue 1 although the balance sheet is not alarming since theABOUT is currently third in Ligue 1 with 9 points, only two behind theAS Monaco leader. But obviously, this is not enough for the supporters.

Is it on fire at OM, Marcelino and Longoria leaving?

Indeed, during a meeting Monday evening between the Marseille Ultras and the leaders of theABOUT, the tone would have been greatly increased. To the point that threats were allegedly made by fans. To the point that according to THE TEAM, Marcelino would have announced to his players that he was going to resign, only a few weeks after his arrival. adds that Pablo Longoria could also announce his departure in the coming hours. L’ABOUT is therefore plunged into a deep crisis while a huge sequence is looming since the Marseille club is preparing to challenge theajax Amsterdamthe PSG, Brighton and theAS Monaco. All with an organization chart that can be turned upside down.

“There is no reason to start from a sporting point of view”

However, Provence contacted the entourage of Marcelino who is much less affirmative regarding his departure. “ For him, there is no reason to leave from a sporting point of view. He is waiting for decisions to be made at the head of the club », assures a close friend of the coach of theABOUT. The next few hours promise to be hot in Marseille.

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