Cycling: Evenepoel-Jumbo, Lefévère maintains the pressure

Patrick Lefévère is leading an active media campaign to oppose the Uijtdebroeks operation carried out by Jumbo-Visma, as demonstrated by his new release on the subject. For Lefévère, it is a fundamental, indisputable and logical question, but also a way of defending his team in relation to a possible offensive on Evenepoel which could follow. Analysis.

Following the announcement by the Jumbo Visma of the signature of Cian Uijtdebroeksafter the termination of his last year of contract with the Better-Hansgrohe without the agreement of the German team, provoking the strong reaction of the latter who contests its legality, Patrick Lefévèrethe boss of the team Soudal-Quickstepis leading a media campaign to oppose the operation carried out by the Dutch team.

Lefévère firmly opposes Jumbo-Visma

In recent hours, Yeast indeed took the floor again to contest the operation carried out by the Jumbo Visma with Cian Uijtdebroeksaffirming in particular in comments reported by that if such a deal were accepted, it would become very difficult to convince sponsors to invest in a cycling team: “ It will really become impossible to knock on the door of a sponsor with a five-year project. If the runners can leave before the scheduled date, you are helpless ».

Lefévère knows that the future of Evenepoel can also be played out here

Beyond the substantive question on which the position of Yeast is indisputable and logical, namely that there cannot be a sporting competition without respect for the rules, the boss of the Belgian team for his part plays his all in anticipation. Indeed, as analyzed previously by, Yeast knows that behind the case Uijtdebroeks also plays out that of Remco Evenepoelwhich has a long contract with the Soudal-Quickstep but who is the object of a lust of the Jumbo Visma, who does not fail to send messages to the Belgian champion in the media affirming his interest in recovering him one day. If the Dutch team succeeds in Uijtdebroeksthis risks opening a case law which could prove problematic in the case Evenepoel. Patrick Lefévère has clearly identified the danger, and it is probably also for this reason, beyond the basic question, that he is so firmly opposed to the deal Uijtdebroeks operated by the Jumbo Visma.

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