Cycling: Vingegaard and Visma at the heart of a new controversy

The images went around the world. Last Monday, Jonas Vingegaard and his Visma-Lease a bike teammates showed up with disconcerting-looking helmets to compete in the Tirreno-Adriatico time trial. But a controversy broke out because these same helmets would save like 5 seconds on a flat 10 km exercise. The UCI therefore decided to look into the subject.

By equipping themselves with their new helmets for the time trial, the runners of the Visma-Lease a bike suffered mockery from Internet users on social networks and also attracted the wrath of certain teams. Indeed, this brand new helmet with dimensions which nevertheless respect the rules set by ICUstands out in the peloton and its resemblance to certain units in the film Star Wars amuses, but not everyone. These helmets confer a significant advantage and obviously, the competition does not like it. After the various controversies regarding doping accusations, Jonas Vingegaard and his gang are still in the eye of the storm.

“It’s an excellent chrono helmet”

The design of this helmet is definitely amusing Jonas Vingegaard. « This is an excellent chrono helmet, more comfortable than others I have tried in the past. It is different of course and I too smiled when I discovered it this winter. But we laugh less when we see how fast he is », declared the two-time winner of the Tour de France. A little less ICU who had to review their rules.

“These helmets raise a notable problem”

« We will undertake a review of its rules regarding the design and use of helmets in competition “, explain ICU in a press release. The goal is to ensure that the helmet fulfills its primary function: to protect the riders. “ These helmets raise a notable problem regarding the current trend which aims more at performance than the primary function of a helmet, namely ensuring the safety of the wearer in the event of a fall. » Obviously, the training of Jonas Vingegaard did not appreciate this reaction because a lot of work has been done all winter and it could fall apart in no time. “ A year ago, rules were developed regarding dimensions and safety. We worked in this context with the manufacturer. This press release is motivated by the reactions generated on social networks. I have no problem with these mockery on the internet but if the UCI has a problem with the design, it should have indicated it when the helmet was submitted for inspection. », railed Mathieu Heijboerdirector of performance Vismain the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad. To be continued…

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