Video. Rugby World Cup 2023 – Maxime Médard: “The players are aware of their position in the hierarchy”

During the “viàMidol” show this Monday, Maxime Médard, vice-world champion in 2011, spoke about the convalescence of Julien Marchand and the situation of the replacement players who played against Uruguay.

Thursday, the Blues will play their third match in this World Cup against Namibia. A meeting which should mark the return to competition of Cyril Baille and Jonathan Danty. During the daily TV show “viàMidol”Maxime Médard welcomed the rapid recovery of Toulouse residents Cyril Baille (injured calf) and Anthony Jelonch (recovered from cruciate ligament rupture): “They have a pretty incredible ability to recover.” When asked whether Julien Marchand will play in the final stages, the 2011 world vice-champion is rather calm: “Of coursehe replied with a smile. I hope so for him anyway.”

“If they reach the end, it will also be thanks to the players who play less”

Facing Namibia, the weakest nation in the group on paper, Fabien Galthié will start the “premium” players in place of the usual replacements who disappointed against Uruguay. How to deal with frustration? “There has been a term for several months which is: all united for a dream. They are all aware of their level and their position in the hierarchy. If they reach the end, it will also be thanks to the players who play less. They are the ones who make them train and progress. The goal is to be world champion. We have to accept it, some will perhaps have a little more difficulty.”

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