Decisive meeting this afternoon between Longoria and Marcelino?

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The newspaper l’Equipe announced the departure of Marcelino, the Spanish coach would have announced it to his players. However, the decision would not yet be ratified and a meeting would be scheduled for this Tuesday afternoon.

While Marcelino would have announced his departure and Longoria could also leave the clubMohamed Toubache-Ter explains that a decision should be made this afternoon. “Marcelino has a meeting in the afternoon with Pablo Longoria… he has informed certain elements of his group. The coach of Olympique de Marseille confided to certain players and employees of the club that he could leave his functions after this meeting. »

Marcelino could leave office after this meeting

An infirmation that Provence moving forward too.

According to RMC, “Marcelino, marked and shocked by the comments made against the leaders yesterday, decided to resign and informed the players. He did not accept that the meeting on Monday evening took on these proportions and reached a stage of threats and pressure on the leaders. » While the lively debates between the leaders of loon and representatives of fan groups were mainly focused on sports policy in general. The media specifies that “discussions with management are currently underway and his resignation is not yet accepted and official. Even if his wishes are clear: he wants to leave. »

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His will is clear: Marcelino wants to leave

Same story from the Team side, correspondent Mathieu Grégoire specifies: “At this stage, it is the will of coach Marcelino, who was very annoyed yesterday after and before the management meeting with the supporters groups. He expressed this desire to the pro group, management would like to keep him and have not resigned themselves to seeing him leave. »

Management would like to keep him and has not resigned himself to seeing him leave

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