Dembélé: A headache is announced for the PSG coach

Impactful as usual, Ousmane Dembélé once again made a difference against Borussia Dortmund. However, when it comes to the last gesture, it’s a different story for PSG number 10. Indeed, the Frenchman shows great clumsiness in front of the goals and this is also starting to annoy Daniel Riolo. Moreover, a real headache could arise for Luis Enrique soon with Dembélé.

With Kylian Mbappe, Randal et Ousmane Dembéléthe attack of PSG looks great. Recruited for €50M FC Barcelonathe former player of Rennes is highly anticipated, but for the moment, it is somewhat disappointing. If Dembele’s is still very effective in one-on-one situations, his numerous errors in front of goal are starting to annoy more and more. This applies in particular to Daniel Riolo.

“Progress in your thinking, in your football IQ”

« I don’t want to push it. It’s really a box of Doliprane when I watch him play, but I want to say that he is there in the defensive withdrawal. If he didn’t do that, then frankly, I would lose my temper. He comes back, he tries to fight, we see that he has good will. But progress in your thinking, in your football IQ. Just a good decision », blurted the journalist RMC pour L’After Foot after the meeting between the PSG et Dortmund.

“Asensio, it wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t get his chance”

Moreover, for Daniel Riolothere could be a real debate between Ousmane Dembélé et Marco Asensio, upon the Spaniard’s return from injury. “ Once Asensio is recovered, if Dembélé plays one or two games like that again. Luis Enrique, will he continue to give Dembélé a chance or in healthy competition, will he say, Marcos will play a little bit. Asensio, it wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t get his chance. We are in very high level sport, we are at PSG, I want the good will of Dembélé, I want to be positive towards him, but there is a good player who is at the club. Maybe he won’t be able to stand being on the bench… Dembélé can’t have total immunity “, he explained. To see what will do Luis Enrique when he has both players at his disposal.

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