Disappointed, Steph Curry massacres the Warriors: “I’m tired of…

Par Guillaume K. | Sports journalist

Stephen Curry was again good against the Thunder with 34 points, 6 rebounds and 3 assists on the clock. But following the defeat, the leader had great difficulty hiding his frustration. He sent a rather crude message to his teammates.

We may have to face the facts after a disputed quarter of the season: the Warriors are only an average team in the Western Conference. This is not only what their record of 10 victories for already 12 defeats indicates, but also what the latest setback against the Thunder this Friday indicates. The 5 major is particularly old, and yet Steve Kerr’s men were fooled… by experience!

In front by 3 points thanks to a monstrous shot from Stephen Curry a few seconds from the end, the Warriors decided to foul to offer only 2 shots to the Thunder and keep the advantage whatever happens… But Draymond Green waited for Chet Holmgren to rise behind the arc to touch him, which offered the possibility to the potential ROTY to equalize, snatch the extension then offer victory to his team.

Stephen Curry disappointed by the Warriors

One more largely avoidable defeat for Golden State, and the Chief is starting to get seriously annoyed by this situation. At a press conference, he showed a rare defeatism which seriously contrasted with the words of his coach a few minutes earlier. Steve Kerr still thinks his team can win the title, not really his No. 30.

I don’t know how to explain our failures at the end of the meeting… We have to find a way to stop talking about solutions and simply apply them, otherwise we will live another year with the same problems. If we want to look like a serious team we must have more control. I’m tired of talking about this, we need to take action.

Stephen Curry is annoyed by his team’s lack of progress in certain areas. For him, the Warriors cannot be taken seriously without considerable improvement in tight endgames, and he no longer wants to talk about solutions, he wants everyone to implement them. For the fans, Steve Kerr must move and rectify the situation.

Steve Kerr, do something before you lose your franchise player, dirty clown.

The Warriors have once again let a game escape their reach, which annoys Stephen Curry more and more. He is still excellent, but obviously he does not see his team supporting him at the top this season.

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