Dishwashing detergent to lubricate airplane doors? This damning new report which targets the Boeing company

A report from the Federal Aviation Administration has revealed a series of design problems with Boeing’s planes. These audit conclusions, revealed on Tuesday February 12, overwhelm the company already plunged into turmoil.

“Boeing is not virtuous. They will pay dearly for their mistakes”castigates Gérard Feldzer, former airline pilot and president of Aviations sans frontières cited by The Parisian.

The New-York Times revealed Tuesday a damning report on certain practices in the manufacturing of Boeing 737 Maxat the heart of a scandal since the beginning of the year following a series of malfunctions.

Dishwashing liquid and hotel card

“For years, the FAA has relied on Boeing’s technical resources. Today it is discovering things it had no idea before”analyzes Gérard Feldzer.

According to this report, Boeing failed to 33 of 89 audits passed. One of its subcontractors, Spirit Aero Systems, failed seven out of thirteen audits. Some of these bad practices are cause for concern: a hotel card was allegedly used to check the seal on a door and dishwashing liquid applied as a lubricant.

Saving money at the expense of quality?

For the expert interviewed by our colleagues, Boeing has, over the years, become an empire based more on its profits than on its technical reliability: “Boeing was originally an engineering company. Today it is a company run by financiers who put pressure on engineers. In their haste, they make major mistakes.”

The manufacturer is subject to two investigations following repeated incidents, notably the detachment, in mid-flight, of the door of an Alaska Airlines plane.

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