“Draymond didn’t want to talk to me, he thought I was a spy sent by LeBron”

For many years, Draymond Green and LeBron James have gotten into the habit of crossing paths on NBA courts. The rivalry between the two obviously grew over time and from the very beginning, the Warriors star also displayed great mistrust about the Chosen One…

Coming across a player on the court for many years, you have to believe that it creates bonds. Many examples exist of stars who have faced each other numerous times in the NBA and managed to become friends. In recent history, the biggest rivalry that we can remember is probably the one between the Warriors and the Cavaliers, between 2014 and 2018 to be precise.

During these confrontations, several icons of the league walked the field including Draymond Green and LeBron James. Very often called upon to defend against the King, the Dubs strong winger was therefore able to come into contact with him more than once to finally develop great bonds of friendship with him. At the beginning of summer, the two men were also seen on vacation together in the French capital…

The crazy anecdote about Draymond and LeBron!

If they are very close today, we suspect that Draymond Green and LeBron James waited a while before becoming inseparable. At the very beginning, it was the suspicious character of the San Francisco pitbull that took over and the latest revelations are clear proof of this. Chris Haynes, insider for Bleacher Report et TNTrecently told a crazy anecdote on the subject:

I went into the Warriors locker room for the first time and Draymond said to me, “I don’t trust you, brother. » I thought he was joking but he repeated: “I don’t trust you, brother.” I said to him: “What do you mean by not trusting me? » Draymond didn’t want to talk to me, he thought I was a spy sent by LeBron and the Cavaliers.

He said, “We’re not messing with you all, and I’m going to make sure no one talks to you.” He was really very serious, my brother. God, it was crazy how serious he was. I couldn’t believe it, like, Dray! I’m just a journalist, brother!

At the time of the rivalry with the Cavs, we have to believe that Draymond was well molded by LeBron and his team.

Chris Haynes would therefore have been a mole sent into the Dubs locker room to collect confidential information. It’s difficult to determine whether we’re talking about an NBA duel or the scenario of Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible, but this distrust in any case proves how worried Dray was. This involvement was probably a great asset in the three titles won against Cleveland…

In the late 2010s, Warriors and Cavaliers fought for the title at the end of each season and gave us a wonderful rivalry. Draymond Green had also become obsessed with it to the point of thinking that LeBron James was sending secret agents into his locker room… Like Dancing Bear.

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