Dupont: The statistic that shakes the French XV

The historic victory of the XV of France against Namibia was marred by the maxillo-zygomatic fracture suffered by captain Antoine Dupont. The hub of the playing system put in place by Fabien Galthié for 4 years, the scrum half is essential for this team as proven by a fairly revealing statistic.

What we feared most has happened. Affected by a massacre before and during this Worldthe XV of France lost his captain Antoine Dupont during the meeting in front of the Namibiathe one that Blues were probably the least feared. Victim of a maxillo-zygomatic fracture, the star of XV of France was successfully operated on Friday evening. “ Following his injury contracted during the France-Namibia match, Antoine Dupont underwent surgery on September 22 around 11 p.m. at the Purpan University Hospital in Toulouse. In a few days, he will be able to return to the French team in a process of progressive sporting resumption and under medical supervision. », writes the FFR in a press release published this Saturday morning. The team came to complete by adding that Dupont could be available for a possible quarter-final. We must hope so because without his scrum half, this team is no longer the same.

A French XV with and without Dupont

The game of XV of France through Antoine Dupont. For 4 years, Fabien Galthié built his team around the scrum-half. A strategy which has proven to be profitable, notably with the gain of Grand Slam in 2022 where again with prestigious successes against the All-Blacks or to Springboksbut which is very dangerous because when Dupont is not there, the XV of France suffers and loses. Since the 2019 World CupTHE Blues have 87% victory when Dupont is the holder. When he is absent from the starting XV, the winning percentage drops to 64%, or 23% less.

The Lucu lucky charm

Despite everything, if we stick to the statistics, the XV of France can still rely on his lucky star. Expected to form the hinge with Matthew Jalibert in order to replace Antoine Dupont, Maxime Lucu never experienced defeat when he started with the Blues, he even won 100% of his matches. From there to make us forget Dupontthat’s another matter.

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