F1: A legend announces more heavy lifting for Verstappen

As expected, Max Verstappen won a third consecutive title. Ultra dominating, the Dutchman was content with the abandonment of Sergio Perez during the sprint race to secure the title. With Red Bull, he set out to write history and he should not stop there if we are to believe Alain Prost.

Max Verstappen is world champion for the third consecutive season. Before even contesting the Qatar Grand Prixthe Dutchman began to celebrate this new coronation thanks to his second place in the sprint race combined with the abandonment of his runner-up Sergio Perez. Pour Alain ProstThis is just the beginning.

“He managed to become a great pilot”

The four-time world champion expects Max Verstappen continues to dominate the paddock. “ Winning a third title is already something great. Winning three in a row is even more so. Because only a few big names have succeeded. But I think what makes Max Verstappen so great and so strong is this ability that he was able to develop to never give up and always want more. He managed to become a great pilot, there is no doubt about that. But what, in my eyes, makes him even stronger is the way he has learned to become one with his car and his team. It is a great whole that daily seeks perfection “, has noted Alain Prost pour The team. The rest should be even more beautiful for Max Verstappen.

“I don’t see him leaving anytime soon”

« This is a bad sign for the competition because I don’t see it leaving anytime soon. The next two years without regulatory changes are not going to change much about its current strength. And, from 2026, as he is in symbiosis with his team and he is very talented, they will be able to respond to this challenge together and at least fight for the title “, added Alain Prost.

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