F1: A new Frenchman at Ferrari?

While Frédéric Vasseur has already occupied the most important role at Ferrari since last season, another Frenchman could join him. While Red Bull is hit hard by the Christian Horner scandal, Pierre Waché, the technical director of the Austrian team, could accept La Scuderia’s proposal.

Ferrari is building a dream team and does not hesitate to plunder the competitors. After tearing off Lewis Hamilton hands of Mercedes, The stablethrough its director Frederic Vasseurwould always try to bring Pierre Waché. Currently employed at Red Bullthe Frenchman would no longer be against the idea of ​​joining Maranello.

Waché ready to accept Ferrari’s offer?

Technical Director of Red Bull, French Pierre Waché is one of the men behind the overwhelming domination of Max Verstappen for three seasons now. Obviously, such an engineer is courted and like last year, Ferrari still wants to recruit him. A reluctant time, Waché would seriously consider accepting the proposal according to Italian and English sources, motivated in particular by the sexual harassment scandal currently hitting the Austrian team. He would thus disembark with Lewis Hamilton in 2025. A premeditated blow by Frederic Vasseur.

Vasseur’s stratagem

« Il [Vasseur] is there to create allies. He must have some outside the team, because there is not yet enough network within his own ranks. Mercedes performance director Loïc Serra is reportedly moving to Ferrari from 2025. Serra is best friends with Red Bull technical director Pierre Waché. The two talk for hours together in the paddock, despite being competitors », analyzed in particular Michael Schmidt pour Cars, motors and sports last August. This time, we are getting closer to the arrival of a new Frenchman in the most prestigious stable.

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