F1: After Hamilton, Verstappen releases a response to Ferrari

In January, an announcement shook the world of Formula 1. Via a press release, Ferrari put an end to the rumors and announced that Lewis Hamilton, seven-time reigning world champion and driver for Mercedes since 2013, would join them in 2025. This departure, if unexpected, can he call others? Could Max Verstappen be tempted to join Ferrari one day? The Dutchman responded in the negative.

In 2025, Lewis Hamilton will be dressed in the red jumpsuit of Ferrari. Finish Mercedes for the seven-time world champion Formula 1. A trajectory that could give ideas to many pilots. But if many dream of piloting one day for Ferrari, some are getting used to the place they currently occupy in their stable.

“I have a lot of respect for Ferrari, but…”

The departure of Lewis Hamilton pour Ferrari in 2025 inevitably got people talking in the paddock. Max Verstappen also wishes great success to his British adversary and to Ferrari for their future cohabitation. However, he confided that he was not tempted by the Italian adventure, in comments reported by Motorsport : « I don’t want to seem disrespectful or anything. I have a lot of respect for the Ferrari brand, but I’m very happy where I am right now. I’m comfortable in the environment I’m in, so personally, it’s not something I’m looking to change. »

“I want to do things other than Formula 1”

« But again, and in my life too, I know from what I have experienced so far that you should never say never, remember Max Verstappen. Right now, though, it doesn’t even cross my mind. It’s just Formula 1. I want to do other things besides Formula 1. »

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