F1: Alonso, Hamilton… Crazy transfers, will they start again?

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After a relatively calm season, F1 will resume its rights in 2024 with an unchanged grid compared to that which ended 2023. Consequently, the silly season should once again be crazy this year given the fact that many drivers are at the end of the contract. And it should bring back good memories for some currently on the grid who have experienced turbulent transfers.

In a month and a half, the Formula 1 will regain its rights with very few changes. The regulations will not change, while the drivers will also all be the same. Indeed, something rare enough to be underlined, the 2024 grid will be the same as that which ended 2023. And with the exception of Daniel Ricciardowhich replaced Nick De Vries during the season at AlphaTaurithe 19 other drivers who will be on the starting grid in Bahrain on March 2, are the same as those who started in 2023. A rarity in the history of F1 which should not happen again in 2025.

Towards a very hectic silly season 2024?

Indeed, F1 should resume its good habits in the coming months with a very lively silly season. This period, generally during the summer, designates the time of the season during which the paddock catches fire for the transfer of drivers. And this year, it should be hot. And for good reason, more than half of the drivers have contracts that end at the end of 2024, which will necessarily involve extensions or team changes. Especially since among them we find Carlos Sainz, Sergio Perez, Fernando Alonso or the two French pilots ofAlpine Esteban Ocon et Pierre Gasly. Moreover, several drivers on the grid are already regulars at crazy silly seasons.

Alonso still in the game?

Lewis Hamilton whose contract ends in 2025, for example set fire to the paddock in 2012 when he announced his departure from McLarenhis long-time team, to take over from Michael Schumacher at Mercedes from 2013. And what about Fernando Alonso, a regular on silly season. His last stroke of brilliance is not that old since in 2022, he dropped a bombshell by choosing to join Aston Martin to replace Sebastian Vettel. An announcement which will also launch the silly season since the Spaniard will cause imbroglio Oscar Piastri who was announced as his replacement at Alpine… but who has in the meantime joined McLaren. It is therefore Pierre Gasly who will land within the French team. Before that, Fernando Alonso was already at the heart of the 2020 silly season, when he announced his return to F1 after two years of absence. It must be said that as early as 2007, the man who had just become double world champion was already making waves in the paddock. And for good reason, he decided to join McLaren to replace Kimi Raikkonen who joined him Ferrari in order to take over from Michael Schumacher.

More recently, it was in 2020 that the silly season flared up again. Before the start of the first post-Covid season, the paddock is ablaze with many major movements, starting with the departure of Sebastian Vettel who leaves Ferrari pour Aston Martin. It is then Carlos Sainz who will replace him. Fernando Alonso, always on the right track, announces his big return to F1, two years after leaving the discipline. He returns to Renaultthe team which allowed him to win his two world titles, where he replaces Daniel Ricciardo who goes to his house McLaren recover the tub left free by Carlos Sainz. A game of musical chairs skillfully orchestrated by the teams and drivers of F1 now accustomed to silly season animated shows. This is good, the next few months promise to be hot in the paddock.

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