F1: Alpine fires him, the Schumacher clan finds the solution for its future

Fired from his position as director of the Alpine team, Otmar Szafnauer is still looking for a new challenge. And while a position became available in the paddock with the ousting of Günther Steiner, Ralf Schumacher would like to see him become director of operations at Haas in order to support Ayao Komatsu.

Otmar Szafnauer has still not found a job sinceAlpine separated from it. The former director of the French team is not against a return to Formula 1 and he is waiting for a great opportunity to present itself to him. He is not the only one in this case because Mattia Binotto is also waiting for a place to become available. Haas had a position to fill after the ouster of Günther Steiner more Hey Komatsu was inducted. However, the Japanese does not want to take care of the marketing part. Ralf Schumacher believes that the profile of Szafnauer corresponds perfectly to this request.

Schumacher offers Szafnauer to Haas

« Haas F1 must now move forward without Günther and he was a mark on his own. It’s a shame because a great figure in Formula 1 is leaving. But perhaps it was also time to fill this position with a new one. Only time will tell if it will get better. Günther brought attention to the team and sponsors. It was good. But I think Gene Haas was very bothered at times by Günther’s behavior. To replace him in this area, Otmar Szafnauer is someone known in Formula 1 and who also has expertise. One thing is technical expertise. But we also have to look for good minds, sometimes in universities “, declared the brother of Ralf Schumacher in remarks relayed by Nextgen-Auto. On the other hand, the profile of Mattia Binotto he likes him less.

“I can’t imagine Mattia doing that”

« Having this foresight and managing new people to move the team forward is a skill of Otmar. I can’t imagine Mattia (Binotto) doing that. Mattia is more linked to Audi F1 for a possible return elsewhere. But I don’t really see how this would suit Andreas Seidl [PDG du groupe Sauber]. I’m curious about this. Unlike Mattia, Otmar knows small structures and can get a lot out of them. This is also crucial. What’s the point of being under someone like Mattia who previously had 1,000 people to manage? He would have a hard time “, added Ralf Schumacher. The message got through.

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