F1: Ferrari announces “immense challenge” for Red Bull

Red Bull has completely dominated F1 since 2022. Max Verstappen is crushing everyone in the drivers’ championship and the Austrian team is on a streak of two consecutive constructors’ championship titles. The year 2026 nevertheless promises to be an important turning point for the team. Ferrari also believes that a big challenge awaits Red Bull.

Since 2022, Red Bull totally dominates the F1. Max Verstappen seems unbeatable, and the Austrian team has won the last two titles in the constructor’s championship. But the team will take on a new challenge. The year 2026 promises to be tough for Red Bull Powertrains as for Audi in terms of the design of single-seater engines. Ferrari believes that the challenge will be colossal.

“It is certain that we have to learn and create something new”

« It will be a big challenge. It’s difficult to say because, obviously, I am neither in their factories nor in their place. But in the end, I think the level of complexity of this product is certainly high. And it’s true that preparing a brand new project is not an easy task for anyone. So I can definitely respect the work that they have to do, because definitely you have to learn and create something new. And it’s not just a question of design and engineering, but also of logistics or infrastructure. They therefore also face a significant and immense challenge » thus indicated Enrico Gualtieritechnical director of the Scuderia for the power unit part, in comments reported by NextGen-Auto.

Red Bull set to dominate the next decade of F1?

It now remains to be seen whether Red Bull will manage to negotiate this new adventure well. If this is the case, the Austrian team could be brought to dominate the F1 for many years. This might please Max Verstappenwho might be able to join very quickly Lewis Hamilton et Michael Schumacher in the history of the discipline. To be continued…

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