F1: Fiasco at Red Bull, Hamilton explains why

Red Bull was surprised this weekend. Max Verstappen saw his streak of ten victories come to an end this Sunday with the success of Carlos Sainz Jr in Singapore. The Austrian team was also outclassed by McLaren and Mercedes. Lewis Hamilton then tried to explain Red Bull’s sudden drop in speed.

HAS Singaporeeverything did not go as planned for Red Bull. The Austrian team and Max Verstappen were surprised by Ferrari. Author of a successful weekend, the Scuderia saw Carlos Sainz Jr win and put an end to the series of ten consecutive victories of the driver of Red Bull. Lewis Hamilton did not fail to explain why Max Verstappen experienced such a complicated Grand Prix this Sunday.

“The McLarens have gained a lot of pace”

« I didn’t watch much of the others this weekend, so I’m not sure why Red Bull was far behind in terms of pace. But I think it’s good to see what the others have… The McLarens have gained a lot of pace, it’s good to see that Ferrari have really accelerated too. Red Bull does not develop their car. And it is obvious that McLaren has brought an evolution here in Singapore » first confided the pilot of Mercedes in comments reported by NextGen-Auto.

“Red Bull is also working on next year’s car”

« Others are making changes, but Red Bull is also working on next year’s car. They have less time in the wind tunnel, so they’re probably using some of this year’s car on next year’s. They certainly migrated [sur la voiture de l’an prochain] before us. They are so far ahead that maybe they are developing their car less and we are still developing ours. But time will tell » then continued Lewis Hamilton. Red Bull would therefore be already getting ahead for 2024, while the 2023 season is not yet over.

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