F1: Hamilton at Ferrari, fiasco announced?

Lewis Hamilton shook the world of Formula 1 by confirming his departure from the Mercedes team to join Ferrari from the 2025 season. Major news which sparked various reactions, including that of Mika Häkkinen. The two-time world champion shared his views on the decision, expressing his thoughts on the potential impact on the Briton’s career and the challenges he may face during his time with the Scuderia. The Finn is not very optimistic.

After a decade of success with Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton announced that the current season would be his last with the German team. From 2025, the seven-time world champion will take a new turn by joining the ranks of Ferrariwhere he will inherit the seat left vacant by Carlos Sainz. This decision marks a major turning point in the British driver’s career, but also raises questions about its relevance. Mika Hakkinen is one of the skeptics.

“It’s a question of people”

If the name of Ferrari traditionally evokes passion and glory in the world of Formula 1some wonder if Hamilton made the right choice by opting for this emblematic team. Among them, Mika Hakkinenhimself a double world champion in F1, expressed reservations about this decision. “ I can see that he wants to win, of course, like everyone wants to win. Maybe he thinks Mercedes isn’t capable of giving him a car he can win in. It is likely that he only sees this opportunity with Ferrari. He thinks Ferrari can give him a winning car. He simply wanted to change. He’s been at Mercedes for so long, and he’s achieved everything with Mercedes. He now wants to go to another team and try to find the same type of path, so that one day they can win the title too. But it’s a question of people. It’s not about fins, it’s about people “, said Mika Hakkinen. According to him, Lewis Hamilton could suffer from competition with Charles Leclerc.

“So I think things won’t be so simple”

« But it’s a big change for him, because he’s been in a British team – let’s call it that – for many, many years. Now moving to an Italian team, where he has no experience, it’s a big change for him – to understand the philosophy and the way they work. That doesn’t mean they’re not working well or doing the right thing, but it’s a big change. You have Charles Leclerc there, and he’s been with the team for a long time. He is a very talented young driver and the car is tailor-made for him. So I think things won’t be that simple “, added Mika Hakkinen.

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