F1: Hamilton fights with Red Bull, he is hallucinating

Unable to win a single Grand Prix this season, Lewis Hamilton still knows how to be consistent. The seven-time world champion takes places of honor and moves, without making any noise, to third place in the championship. He is also quickly getting closer to Sergio Perez, something he did not expect.

Impressive consistency since the start of the season, Lewis Hamilton proves that he still has something under his belt. The pilot Mercedes can finish dolphin Max Verstappen since he got closer to Sergio Perez this weekend at Suzuka. Only 33 points separate the two drivers now. Lewis Hamilton therefore finds himself struggling with Red Bullsomething he had not imagined after a delicate start to the season.

Hamilton returns to Perez

The Briton is still struggling to realize that he can finish the season ahead of a driver Red Bull. « It’s exciting to have this race, this battle right now with Perez. I think our goal was… we started off pretty bad this season. We certainly didn’t expect to be second in the constructors’ standings, and being relatively close to that place today, especially in the last two races… The last race, like fighting for 2nd place in the constructors’ standings, this is all exciting for us as a team. And of course we want to beat them [Red Bull] just like they want to beat us, so it’s going to take a complete team effort to get there, that’s for sure “, confessed Lewis Hamilton in remarks relayed by Nextgen-Auto. He now hopes to be able to play higher than second place next season.

“I have full confidence in the team”

« There will be things that we try to change, trying to keep the positives, because there are always positives, good and bad, and so we try to keep the positives. Regarding the new direction we’ve taken, it’s way too early to say we’re optimistic about next year’s car – because we’re only at the beginning of the process. But I have full confidence in the team, I know that it will take the direction it needs to take. We’ve learned a lot over the last two years, so if we haven’t found the solution by next year, obviously we’ll keep working. But I hope that will be the case “, added Lewis Hamilton. He has six left Grand Prix to catch up on Sergio Perez but also to defend second place in Mercedes in the manufacturers ranking.

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