F1: He brings down Verstappen, disaster in sight for Ferrari?

Red Bull had a disastrous weekend in Singapore. Nothing went as planned for the Austrian team, which saw Carlos Sainz Jr beat Max Verstappen this Sunday. The Spanish driver nevertheless indicated that not all Grands Prix were going to be like this for Ferrari between now and the end of the season.

This weekend, nothing went as planned for Red Bull. For the first time in ten races, Max Verstappen let victory slip away. In fact, it is Carlos Sainz Jr who imposed himself on Singapore this Sunday. The Dutchman finished fifth behind Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton et Charles Leclerc. Carlos Sainz Jr nevertheless wanted to point out that not all weekends will take place like this for Ferrari by the end of the season.

“There will always be difficult weekends”

« Honestly, I don’t think it means much, this year it will be a bit like that. We had two great weekends in a row, but these two tracks we visited suited our car. In particular this one, in Singapore, a circuit with strong aerodynamic downforce. I’m incredibly proud of the effort the team has made to bring a better aero package here – but I still think there will be tough weekends where we won’t be fighting for podiums, and where we’ll get 5th or 6th places » confided the Spanish pilot in comments reported by NextGen-Auto.

“It was the only chance Red Bull gave us”

« We just need to make sure we continue to get these results if that’s the most the team and the car can do on those weekends. But what I’m most proud of is that we had a chance to win this year and the team, under pressure, responded well. I also responded well to the pressure and we managed to put together a perfect weekend – even though it was the only chance Red Bull gave us. And that says a lot about the progress that Ferrari is making, about what we’re doing in terms of race execution » then added Carlos Sainz Jr.

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