F1: Mercedes’ poker move, Hamilton validates

Lewis Hamilton is experiencing his last season at Mercedes, and he had certainly dreamed of a better start. The Briton is already 43 points behind Max Verstappen after just two races. However, the seven-time world champion wanted to congratulate his team for the work carried out on the single-seater, which he considers significantly better than that of 2023.

After ten years of good and loyal service, Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes at the end of this season F1 to join Ferrari. The Briton therefore wants to end his adventure in the German team in apotheosis. But for the start of the year, the seven-time world champion has certainly dreamed of something better.

Complicated start to the season for Hamilton at Mercedes

Indeed, Lewis Hamilton experienced some difficulties at the wheel of his car during the first two races. Seventh to Bahrain and ninth in Saudi Arabiahe is already 43 points behind Max Verstappen, leader in the driver standings. Nevertheless, Lewis Hamilton made it known that his car wasn’t as bad as it looked. He even indicated that it was significantly better than last year, in particular thanks to a poker move of Mercedes in development. The German team has decided to improve certain aspects of the car to fill some of its shortcomings for 2023. Lewis Hamilton validated these changes.

“It looks like a much better F1”

« There are definitely things we’ve made big improvements on with this car. In terms of overall driving, it feels like a much better F1 car, much more like a race car. But it can fall on one side or the other. It’s a narrow working window with this type of car » confided the pilot of Mercedes in comments reported by NextGen-Auto.

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