F1: Red Bull fires him, he joins Alonso

Only 13th in the Formula 2 championship which was won by Frenchman Théo Pourchaire, Jak Crawford visibly disappointed his team. Indeed, Red Bull indicated the exit to its young 18-year-old driver, four years after his arrival. A blessing in disguise, however, as he will drive for one of the championship favorites, DAMS, and should be a development driver for Fernando Alonso’s team, Aston Martin.

Red Bull don’t deal with feelings. Although the Austrian industry trusts young people, the slightest disappointing result can be costly, as the proof is. Thirteenth of Formule 2, Jack Crawford was ejected for lack of results. The young 18-year-old driver does not lose everything however since he will drive for DAMSand that it should also be a development pilot for Aston Martin according to RACER.

“I’m very excited for this year”

Like Crawford can’t wait to start his new adventure. “ I’m very, very excited, I’ve never been so excited before a season, that’s for sure. We are also going to be very busy. With DAMS, I do a lot of preparation, I travel to France, I work a lot with them. And also with the F1 team, for whom I will work on the simulators [sans doute Aston Martin F1], which will be a good experience. I hope to get into an F1 car at some point, which will also be a really good experience. I can say that I am very excited to start the year. My priority is of course F2. This is a very important year for me and for my second year. With the new car I feel that the team and I have a very good opportunity to perform well. I’m very excited for this year “, he confided in comments relayed by Nextgen-Auto. He will aim for the title in F2.

“Fight for the championship”

« I think it is entirely possible to fight for the championship this year. It’s my aim. And this is also the goal that the F1 team has set for me. It’s not like they’re putting pressure on me to achieve it, it’s obviously just a goal, but it’s also a goal for me. So we are on the same wavelength “, added Like Crawford. A new reinforcement to come for Fernando Alonso.

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