F1: Saudi Arabia at the heart of a huge project with Verstappen?

Always more invested in sport, Saudi Arabia could get down to business in a few months in Formula 1. While Red Bull is swimming in troubled waters because of the Christian Horner affair, Lawrence Stroll could take advantage of the situation to bring Verstappen-Newey duo at Aston Martin before selling their team to their Saudi sponsor.

A new thunderclap could strike the Formula 1 in the next weeks. After the shock announcement of the transfer of Lewis Hamilton chez Ferrariit is now a question of the future of Max Verstappen. Dissatisfied with the retention of Christian Horner, the Dutchman’s entourage would push to convince him to leave the Austrian team. And all this could benefit Lawrence Stroll but also to Saudi Arabia.

Verstappen soon under the orders of Saudi Arabia?

Several sources report that Lawrence Stroll would carefully monitor the psychodrama in Red Bull. The Canadian sees this as a huge move since he would like to take advantage of the ambient chaos in order to recover Max Verstappen and the most renowned engineer in the paddock, Adrian Neweyin order to have them signed at Red Bull. If he were to carry out this double operation, Stroll should then sell his team to his title sponsor Aramco, the Saudi state oil company, at a logically higher price. This hypothesis gains credibility, especially since Fernando Alonsopilot Aston Martincould sign with Red Bull according to Ralf Schumacher.

Alonso at Red Bull to replace Verstappen

« Not only Max, but also the team are considering an alternative, and now there are these completely new rumors of ongoing links between Fernando Alonso and Red Bull. Christian Horner has always been a very, very big fan of Fernando Alonso. They have had several discussions in the past but it never came to fruition. Apparently there are big intentions in the background to bring Fernando Alonso into the cockpit next year to have another strong driver if Max Verstappen leaves the team “, declared the brother of Michael Schumacher. To be continued…

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