F1: Schumacher arrives at Alpine, he has everything planned

After a season spent as a reserve driver at Mercedes, Mick Schumacher decided to take control of his career with the desire to return to competition for 2024. He therefore signed up with Alpine to participate in the Endurance championship. He is not doing it randomly since he fully intends to take advantage of it to show off and get a seat in F1.

Piloting is a family affair among Schumacher. Michael had started in Endurance before arriving in Formula 1. His son, Mickstarted directly in F1 but it will evolve into Endurance next season with Alpine. A way for him to show himself to seduce the premier category teams and make his return to the discipline.

“Maybe this will be my return to F1 mid-season”

« I always found that there were a lot of coincidences, which are a bit like my father’s career. But now I’m moving towards sports cars myself. Maybe it will be my return to F1 mid-season, somewhere around Spa. I think it’s an interesting chapter in my career and being able to watch what he did with the Mercedes junior program in 1989 is an interesting factor “, said Mick Schumacher in comments relayed by Nextgen-Autobefore continuing.

Endurance, a springboard to return to F1?

« I don’t think there will be much coexistence between the pilot role and the reserve pilot role here, I don’t think it will be possible. But again, I think building a WEC entry with Alpine and the possibility of also promoting myself to Formula 1 with that, is a very interesting topic “, added Mick Schumacher. The German driver therefore has an idea in mind with his arrival at Alpine.

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