F1: The Verstappen clan releases a big announcement

Victorious for the thirteenth time of the season at Suzuka this weekend, Max Verstappen could well be crowned in Qatar in ten days. There will then remain 5 Grands Prix to compete for the driver who will have nothing left to play for. Enough to completely relax? His entourage delivered their version.

Max Verstappen is alone in the world this season. Worried for five Grand Prix by a Sergio Perez enraged, the Dutchman has since taken off. At Qatar, he could already win a third consecutive title with five races remaining. The hardest part will be to re-mobilize after the euphoria of the title to find motivation on the track. But Verstappen should not, however, relax. It must be said that this is not really the style of the house.

“He can’t relax, he’s not like Lewis”

Jos Verstappen is convinced that his son will continue his momentum despite the assurance of winning a third title, unlike a Lewis Hamilton who used to slack off in the past. “ Look, he can’t relax, he’s not like Lewis because he considers each Grand Prix as a goal in its own right. It does not calculate whether x or y points are needed. He can’t start putting less energy into it and that’s what can happen when you start managing “, said Jos Verstappen in remarks relayed by Nextgen-Auto. Et Max Verstappen has no reason to stop there because the latest improvements in the Red Bull go in his direction.

“He likes it more than Perez”

« Max adapts very well to new things that arrive, generally speaking. And the last ones are good for him, he likes it more than Perez. It’s simple. To make this car faster, they just needed a good front end. And generally good pilots all need a good front end. Then they go fast. At least that’s how it is for Max. », added the father of Max Verstappen.

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