F1: Verstappen got hot, he makes a confession

After Carlos Sainz and Ferrari’s victory last week in Singapore, Max Verstappen regained his leading position at the Japanese Grand Prix, ahead of the two McLaren drivers, Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri. After a hot start, the Dutchman then picked up a cruising pace to win his thirteenth Grand Prix of the season. But he admits that leaving gave him some scares.

Red Bull resumed its march forward, after failing to place a driver on the podium for the first time since the start of the season last week during the Singapore Grand Prix. Max Verstappen emerged victorious at Japan and heading more than ever towards the title of world champion.

“At the start it was a little tight in the first two turns”

In comments reported by nextgen-auto.com, Max Verstappen recounts the departure of this Japanese Grand Prix : « Of course, initially it was a bit tight in the first two corners, but after that, yes, the car was very pleasant to drive again. I could really take care of the tires, the degradation was well controlled. At the first corner, I saw in the right mirror that Oscar had taken a very good run at me, but at the same time I saw in my left mirror that Lando was also jumping on me; and then I tried to close the door on Oscar, but he was still there. And I saw on the left side Lando arriving with much more speed. He then moved a little to the right and I said to myself that I couldn’t go any further to the right! So I tried to go straight and luckily nothing happened. »

“I was lucky”

« It all came down to a few things, but it’s a race, continues Max Verstappen. That’s how it goes initially, and then, of course, we had a good battle in Turn 1, in Turn 2. I was lucky there was a little bit more grip in Turn 2, just on the normal line, instead of trying to go through the outside. »

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