F1: Verstappen makes a crazy bet, Red Bull hallucinates

This Sunday, during the Japanese Grand Prix, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen resumed his march forward by winning his thirteenth Grand Prix of the season. Red Bull Racing director Christian Horner admits that Ferrari’s victory in Singapore last weekend frustrated the team and that Max Verstappen had a big goal, which he almost achieved.

The race of Red Bull au Japan was a success with the regained first place of Max Verstappen, just one week after the victory of Ferrari, the first victory of a team other than Red Bull this season. And Max Verstappen had (almost) everything planned.

“Verstappen told me he wanted to win by 20 seconds”

In comments relayed by nextgen-auto.com, Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull Racingrecounts the confidence made by Verstappen a few days before the race Japan : « He’s just a competitor and doesn’t need a lot of motivation. But he said he came here very eager to restore the season he had. We were able to see this competitive spirit at its maximum this weekend from the first round of EL1. We all left Singapore knowing that ultimately our winning streak had come to an end, but we were a little frustrated. I played padel with Max on Wednesday and he was very motivated. He told me ‘I want to win the race by 20 seconds’. And in all honesty, he came within 0.7 seconds of achieving it. From the first lap of FP1, he was 1.8″ faster than the rest of the peloton on medium or soft tires, he was totally focused. »

“It was an exceptional performance”

« It was an exceptional performancepresses Christian Horner. His final lap in qualifying has to go down as one of the best laps of all time. He then converted this lap despite not having the best start, but he was able to hold on to the lead, then build a very large lead and control the race. »

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