F1: Verstappen names his great rival

Ultra dominant in 2023, Max Verstappen expects a little more competition next year. Impressed by the end-of-season performances achieved by McLaren, the Dutchman believes that it is the team that we must absolutely be wary of. The Red Bull driver even places it ahead of Mercedes, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

A new time, Max Verstappen crushed all the competition. The 26-year-old Dutchman won a third world champion title without being worried by his competitors. McLaren woke up nicely at the end of the exercise but it was already too late. Yet, Verstappen believes that the British team will be the main rival in 2024.

“So it looks like they could be very strong next year”

« We were the only team that was really consistent. This is what meant that behind us, it was really up and down and there was a second team and another team, which is why the battle was quite close behind us. Everything will therefore depend on their ability to improve over the winter. The team that I think has been the most impressive behind us from start to finish is undoubtedly McLaren. So it looks like they could be very strong next year “, said Max Verstappen in the podcast Talking Bull. But before going to war against McLarenthe three-time world champion has a busy vacation schedule.

A busy winter for Verstappen

« I still travel a lot. I have to go to my brother-in-law’s wedding in Brazil. So I will spend Christmas there too, because otherwise I will return to Europe. So it will be nice, because the temperatures are good at the moment. I haven’t skied in five years, at least five years, so hopefully I won’t have to call the team in early January to say I broke my leg! And then, slowly, when January comes, you start training again “, added Max Verstappen who will certainly be ready to fight when it resumes.

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