“First dances”: Anthony Jelonch and Antoine Dupont, nine years ago

This Thursday, “Premières danses” will be broadcast on France Télévisions and retransmitted on rugbyrama.fr after France-Namibia. A film which retraces the journey of the Crabos Auscitains during the 2013-2014 season, led by Dupont and Jelonch.

Rugby is full of stories to tell, each one more beautiful than the last. With “Premières danses”, David Alexander Cassan and Aline Magrez wanted to retrace that of a team like no other. We are talking here about the crabs of FC Auch during the 2013-2014 financial year. Within this squad, we find in particular Antoine Dupont and Anthony Jelonch, it is difficult to do better, we grant you that. For 71 minutes, we dive or re-dive right into the middle of a group of teenagers for whom rugby was just a wonderful opportunity to get together, and above all to have fun. This beautiful group of friends managed to raise the colors of the FCA to the final of the French championship, before losing to Camille Chat’s Racing 92. The film was born by chance: “I was talking with one of the Auscita coaches at the time (Kévin Ribreau, Editor’s note) and I learned that videos of all their matches existed, explains David Alexander Cassan. It was then that I contacted Aline so that we could start making a film. Jean-Marc Bédérède, the manager at the time, gave us all the images, all usable, and we got to work…”

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This Thursday evening, “Premières danses” will be broadcast on France Télévisions after the meeting between France and Namibia. It will also be available on our website rugbyrama.fr. Behind the screen, you will obviously have the opportunity to see Antoine Dupont and Anthony Jelonch, in addition to their exploits when they were still minors, but not only that. Grégory Alldritt, Gauthier Doubrère and Paul Pimienta are there, as are those close to the scrum half and the third line of the Blues. On August 31, the feature film was previewed in the Auch cinema, which was obliged to make two rooms available after countless requests. At the end of the broadcast, the warm applause from the crowd gathered in the larger of the two rooms needed no explanation. This film tells the story of young boys who became men in the field.

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